A war, a missing fighter pilot and a mysterious summons to West Berlin at the height of the Cold Way by a retired member of the OSS make for a dangerous wekend for James Larson and his beautiful blonde girlfriend, who is more than she seems.  The mission will take him behind the Iron Curtain to East Berlin, where he must choose between the mission and the woman he loves, at the risk of his life.

A casual first date with a beautiful blonde leads to a military mystery involving a dead spy, a crucial missing document and and an airplane crash.  Army veteran James Larson and his new girlfriend agree to act at the request of a member of the OSS to find a missing file before it falls into the wrong hands.

A beautiful girl holds the key to the mystery of a crashed UFO at a ranch in rural Montana.  A death in the family, a buried object beneath the barn, an uncle with connections to the OSS, and and blonde ex-girlfriend with a very special pilot's license bring James Larson into the middle of a sixty year old mystery.


A chance encounter on a California beach rekindles a romance with a girlfriend who happens to have the key to the oldest unsolved mystery of the Civil War.  A vanished ironclad, an assassinated President, and a family legacy involving the OSS spark a search for the truth behind the battle that could have changed the course of history and won the South her independence.

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